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Bring something different to your event this year with Wild Encounters. We have packages to suit all kinds of events such as animal parties, perfect for birthdays, communions etc, photo and handling packages with our animals for weddings and other functions, and also fantastic static displays suitable for the larger events such as corporate family fun days, summer fetes etc. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have other queries about what we could offer your special event!

Small Parties

Have a party with a difference, have an animal party!!! Fantastic fun (and educational) for kids and adults of all ages! Perfect for smaller parties (recommended max 20 guests or less), see and touch some of our amazing animals and learn all about them! With plenty of interactive opportunities with the animals its so fun even the 'big kids' will love it. We bring a random and varied mixture of animals along as part of this package which generally involves a selection of birds, small mammals, reptiles/amphibians and creepy crawlies. Whole duration approx 1 hour. If you'd like to increase the fun with a few more animals added into the mix, or simply more handling time with them then you can add the option of a second presenter (weekends only) and/or an extra hour!

To keep the hands on element of the visit, we recommend guest numbers (including participating adults) do not exceed 20 in total. If you are likely to have more than 20 guests then we recommend a second presenter for the party.

COMMUNION SEASON - Please note, based on previous experience, all parties booked during the communion season will require the extra presenter package as standard.

Price List

1 hour €160
2 hours €220
Extra presenter (weekends only) +€40

Travel costs may apply in some areas. Please see 'Further information and booking a visit' to see if you're affected.

Large Parties/Functions (weekends only)

Are you planning a large party or function? This package is perfect for the noisier and busier party/event, and especially great for those that will have large numbers of adult guests as well as kids, such as large birthdays, communions, weddings, hotel functions, corporate events etc.

2 presenters will be on hand to wow your guests with some incredible animals. We find our 'meet and greet' style, walking around your venue with the animals, answering questions and chatting to guests while providing the perfect photo and handling opportunities is great for the larger parties, and it will be sure to bring something unique to the event! We bring a random and varied mixture of animals along as part of this package which generally involves a selection of birds, small mammals, reptiles/amphibians and creepy crawlies. Duration 1 hour. Increase the fun with more animals and handling opportunites by adding an extra hour!

Price List

1 hour €200
2 hours €260

Travel costs may apply in some areas. Please see 'Further information and booking a visit' to see if you're affected.

Festivals, Fetes and Fun Days (weekends only)

Great for family fun days, Summer and School fetes with large guest numbers, our static displays are a popular addition to any big event! Visitors will be treated to seeing a fantastic range of animals, some of which you can normally only see in a zoo! Presenters will also be on hand to give information, answer questions and provide a closer look at the animals, many of which can also be touched or even held for a unique experience!

We can cater for fun days and festivals of all sizes as we have two different sizes to suit different budgets and festivals.

There's the Minibeast setup which will consist of a fantastic and interesting range of our smaller critters such as the creepy crawlies, reptiles and amphibians, either set up as an indoor table top display or inside our small pop up marquee.

We also have our Mini Zoo set up which consists of all kinds of amazing animals from across the world which generally would include a full range of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, creepy crawlies and more! A fantastic set up, whether as an indoor display or in our large outdoor marquee, it will be a real crowd pleaser!!!

Price List

Minibeast set up (up to 4 hours) €350
Minibeast set up (over 4 hours) €450
Mini Zoo set up (up to 4 hours) €450
Mini Zoo set up (over 4 hours) €550

Travel costs may apply in some areas. Please see 'Further information and booking a visit' to see if you're affected.

Further Information and Booking a visit

Wild Encounters is run by a team with a zoological and educational career background that have extensive knowledge in exotic animal husbandry and training. Some of our animal ambassadors have taken up residence at Wild Encounters after no longer being wanted by their previous owners or were under inadequate care. Therefore we do not endorse or advocate any of our animal ambassadors as pets to the general public as part of the exotic pet trade.

If you do not own the venue where the event is taking place then written permission must be obtained from the owner and sent to us prior to our visit.

Visits take place during the day but early evening visits can be arranged by special request. Time cut off points for visits is dependent on distance from our address.

We regret, due to animal welfare reasons, we cannot travel more than 2 hours from Adare. Any destinations within a 70km drive from our address incur no additional travel charges. Any over this will incur a travel cost of 40cents per km over the initial 70km free distance.

Parking must be made available on or adjacent to venue for safe and quick loading and unloading of animals.

We will try, wherever possible, to cater to requests for specific animals but regret that we cannot always guarantee it.

Please contact us if you have any further queries or are interested in making a booking.


"Just wanted to say a big Thank you for making Jack's birthday a great one:-) I was amazed that he wanted to hold both " Kiba" & the Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches! He was really impressed with the range of animals that you brought with you, "Nana" , "Iggy" & "Tiny" were a big hit. I would have no hesitation in recommending " Wild Encounters". Best wishes for the future. Regards Teresa."

Teresa O'Donovan

"Anybody who knows me well, will tell you that I know how to throw a party, I outdid myself this year, and I don't think i'll ever be able to top it. Wild encounters are amazing. I cannot praise these guys enough! I had the guys out to the house for my sons 3rd birthday. From babies to adults, everybody thoroughly enjoyed the animals, and the educational bits too! Ben and Liam are so professional, the animals were hygienic and there was no mess afterwards (which made my life a whole lot easier!). Everybody had a great day! My friends and family are still raving about it weeks later!"

Gracie Campbell

"Last month we had the pleasure of 'Wild Encounters' at our house for my son's 7th birthday! They were just great! They set up quickly and efficiently and were ready to go exactly on time. The animals were just brilliant with a great variety from giant cuddly rabbits to snakes to hissing cockroaches!! The kids were just mesmerised with lots of 'oooohs' and 'aaaahs' ! And once the bravery set it they were dying to hold and pet all the wildlife! My husband and I were really happy with the service they provided including lots of info on each animal, very, very reasonable price and no mess at all. They also provided hand sanitizer which was great so no-one missed out! A wonderful package, both entertaining and educational. I highly recommend Ben and Liam, 2 very pleasant and informed gentlemen, and hope to avail of their services again at future celebrations!"

Joanne Sheahan

"We had Wild Encounters last Friday for Carols 11th Birthday. They were so patient in giving all the girls the chance to hold the animals and pet them and answer all their questions. Initially they were a little reluctant to hold the python but by the end they almost all had a go. They brought a great selection of animals..python, iguana, skunk, owl, hedgehog, snail etc..... Highly entertaining and informative. Carol loved it..and would highly recommend the whole experience. Thanks a million Ben and Liam."

Joan Curtin

"Had absolutely brilliant time at our party yesterday. The kids couldnt stop talking about the animals. thanks a mill guys i'll definitely recommend you to all my friends"

Debra Ryan

"Thank you for providing us with great opportunity to see and touch your animals. All the children had a fantastic time and you were a pleasure to have in our home. We would love to have ye again."

Lisa Lane

"We had Wild Encounters for Rory's 4th birthday. The kids and parents all loved it!"

Jess O'Riordan

"Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit on the day and were entertained for the whole show. It was a really enjoyable experience for both children and adults."

Amy White