Birthday Parties

Private Events
Private Events

Looking for the next destination for your child’s birthday party?

We love a good party at Wild Encounters Mini Zoo, and we can be the perfect destination for your child's next big day!

For the DIY party organisers, we're more than happy for you to come along to us on the day at your leisure, pay just general admission for your guests, bring your own party food etc. and make use of our outdoor and covered picnic benches as part of enjoying your day here at the park, and if you want to buy any extra food and drinks from our shop area while you're here then we're good with that too! There is no need to prebook your party with us in this event, you can just turn up on the day but please note that the decorated party room areas, hats and cutlery etc. are only available to those pre-booking our party package (see below).

If you'd prefer a stress and mess free day then take a look at our party package below, book in your date and let us do the cooking and clean up for you! All you've got to do is bring the cake and the kids!

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Party Package Booking T&C’s

- Party packages MUST be prebooked in advance and are subject to a €50 (small party) or €100 (large party)non-refundable, non-transferrable deposit.

- The remaining balance for the party must be fully paid on the day of the booking.

- We regret that the daily keeper talks and activity times cannot be changed to suit individual parties as they are also open to the general public and any other parties in on the day. You can find the most current information on our keeper talks schedule here.

-2 adults free entry with the party group are included with the package, additional adults are welcome to come along for the day if they wish but they will be subject to the normal general admission fee of €8 upon entry if paying for themselves or, if being paid for by the party organisers as part of the party package we can offer a reduced rate of €5 per adult. If you choose this option then any adult entering our site for the party will be added to the total bill and settled up when the total payment is made.

- Where possible, all party attendees should arrive and enter the site at the same time. If young guests arrive prior to the adult responsible for the party booking, we regret they will not be permitted entry without a parent/guardian in attendance and the rate/adult entry conditions you have chosen (either paying for themselves, or paid for by party hosts) will be applied. Young party guests cannot be left under the sole supervision of staff members if they arrive early. In the event that children are dropped off by parents not intending to stay for the party and the rest of the group are already in the park then they will need to be dropped at the entrance shop where either a member of staff will then escort them to the rest of the group or the party organiser will need to collect them from the entrance themselves. Any parent/adult going past the entrance area and entering our site will be subject to your chosen additional adults payment method.

- For small party bookings, a minimum charge of 10 children will be implemented and for large party bookings the minimum charge is 20 children. Please adhere to the maximum capacities associated with your booking choice. These max capacities are for practicality and health and safety reasons and will ensure your party runs smoothly and safely. The small party table option comfortably fits a total of approx. 20 individuals including any adults, as our party packages and table areas have been centred around the birthday child and their young guests rather than large gatherings of adults. If you are likely to have a lot of adults that you wish to also have in the party room area it is highly recommended you choose the large party table option even if you are not likely to have 20 children in attendance as it will allow a larger area. We do however have other outdoor covered seating areas available to additional adults if you have chosen the small party table option. We regret that we will not be able to offer the large party table option on the day if you have not booked it due to the additional constraints of that not being planned for.

- Your booked time slot is for the reserved use of the party table/room and food, not for when you have to enter the site, which can be done any time before your reserved table time. Please make sure to arrive on time for your reserved slot as the hot food will be provided at the start of your 45 minute time. Party goers will need to vacate the table and attached outdoor area at the end of your allotted time and so we regret that we cannot be held responsible for less table time or food quality in the event of late comers.

- If you would like to bring a cake and party bags you are more than welcome. Please be advised that party hosts are responsible for the safe storage of their own cake and should store them in a cool box when transporting prior to eating. We will try where possible to store cakes in our fridge area for you upon arrival, but we regret that due to a limit of storage space, this is not guaranteed and may not always be possible, especially for large cakes. Please note that for health and safety and food hygiene reasons we regret that we cannot allow any other hot/cold food items or hot drinks other than those purchased through Wild Encounters to be brought into the party table areas. If required, hot/cold beverages, along with other snacks etc are available to purchase from our shop area.

- We regret that for the health and safety and welfare of our animals on site we do not allow balloons to be brought in for parties although we will permit one or two of the large numbered balloons. These must be taken away with you when you leave the party table area. Our party table areas are decorated with a jungle/animal theme and we regret that we cannot allow party bookers to come and redecorate the areas with their own décor, nor can we accommodate requests to change the decoration theming ourselves.