Animal Adoption

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Adopt an animal today and make a real difference! - It's a unique gift for all animal lovers!

Adopting an animal is a great way to help us with the ever increasing costs of animal feeds and bedding. By purchasing one of our adoption packs, not only do you get a great gift that will be enjoyed by any animal lover, but you also get the satisfaction of knowing your money has gone directly to help care and look after the animals that call Wild Encounters their home!

Choose from:

  • Mika the Raccoon
  • Tango the Blue and Gold Macaw
  • The Meerkat Mob
  • Loki the Great Horned Owl
  • Leonardo Dicaprigoat and Jean Paul Goatier the Pygmy Goats
  • Molly the Orange Winged Amazon Parrot
  • Asia the Burmese Python
  • Barney the Barn Owl
  • Rogue and Bandit the Japanese Raccoon Dogs

For a one off payment of €20 we'll post direct to the recipient:

  • animal adoption of your chosen animal for a whole year
  • a thank you letter from your adoption animal
  • a certificate of adoption for your chosen animal
  • an A4 photograph of your adopted animal
  • animal fact file including specific information of your chosen animal and their story, along with general facts about the species

We thank you in advance for helping to support the Wild Encounters animals!