Do you still do the mobile side of Wild Encounters where you come out my house/school/nursing home?

Unfortunately, covid-19 forced us to make some changes to the way Wild Encounters operates and so opening up to general admission visitors on-site means we no longer do the mobile element.

Do I need to prebook or can I just turn up?

Under the new lifting of restrictions, you no longer need to prebook for general admission entry to WIld Encounters. Private animal experiences must still be prebooked in advance as was the case before covid-19.

Is your site wheelchair accessible?

Our site is predominantly flat and fairly small at the moment so is ideal for wheelchair users to get around. All enclosures around the site are viewable by wheelchair users with the exception of some of the reptile house where some enclosures have been stacked on top of each other. Our site has a wheelchair accessible toilet facility.

Do you offer discounts/free entry for disabled and/or carers?

Carers from an organisation can gain free entry on the basis of 1 free carer per client. This must be prearranged with us through an email from a manager within the organisation and is at Wild Encounters discretion.

Do you have a cafe/restaurant?

We currently do not have a full indoor cafe as we had to open the site earlier than planned due to covid. We do however have hot/cold drinks, light meal options, snacks and ice creams available to purchase from our entrance shop with outdoor and covered seating areas around the site for members of public to utilize.

Do you allow dogs on site?

As much as we adore dogs, for the health and safety of our own resident animals we regret that visitor pets are not allowed on the premises.

Can you handle all the animals as part of general admission?

Some of our domestic breeds down on the Fitz's Farm section of the mini zoo love nothing more than a head scratch or rub if they come over to you during your visit. There are also a couple of scheduled animal meet and greet sessions put on by keepers daily with some of our friendlier and more handleable critters, but free handling of the animals is predominantly controlled at the mini zoo for the health and safety of our animals and visitors.

Is the zoo outdoors?

Predominantly yes, we are an outdoor venue. We do have some covered viewing areas off certain enclosures sporadically around the site, along with a couple of more sheltered buildings such as our small mammal barn and the reptile house.